Our standard size posters which is 50% bigger than an A0. 

Artwork specs:

2 sheet 1400mm x 1000mm (portrait)

Please save artwork at 300dpi @ 25% finished art size
Please ensure all fonts and images are converted to curves and outlines and all layers are flattened.

High res PDF

No bleed 

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large format posters


Large format posters are achieved by posting multiple 2 sheeters together to create 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 sheeters. Ask us about the new vertical 8 sheeters – the popular choice with clients that want bigger visual impact!

foursheeterposters doubleA0 posters distribution rockposters melbourne sydney streetposters01
eightsheeterposters doubleA0 posters distribution rockposters melbourne sydney streetposters02
verticaleightsheeterposters doubleA0 posters distribution rockposters melbourne sydney streetposters03

Billboards are the ultimate in outdoor advertising. With a large list of sites located in prime positions around Melbourne and Sydney, your message will be seen big and bold!

Supersite Camperdown

Covering all major cities Australia wide – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle and Gold Coast. Your nationwide campaign can be booked from our Melbourne or Sydney offices – just send us your artwork and let us do the rest!

Call us on 1300 MY POSTER and BOOK TODAY.



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